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Cedar River Linen

Aida - 20 Count

Aida - 20 Count

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Cut Size (20 count Aida only)

You've clicked on the 20 Count Aida cloth selection.

We use 100% cotton Aida cloth by Zweigart as our base material. The width of bulk rolls of 20 count Aida is narrower than the other thread counts. Please keep that in mind when ordering and check the measurements listed next to each pre-cut piece.

All available colors shown in a combination of 18 and 20 count Aida. From top to bottom: Albarium, Maple Bar, Spindrift, Overcast, Coffee Stain, Tephra, Arboreal and Red Cedar,


Base fabric is 100% linen or cotton Aida cloth by Zweigart.

Order to Ship Wait Time

Current order to ship wait time is approximately four to five weeks.


Fabric cut is measured prior to the dye, dry and serge process.

Care Instructions

This is a hand dyed product. Always test a piece with the threads you plan to use to determine color fastness.

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  • Order to Ship Estimate

    When you order, please allow two to three weeks* for us to fulfill your order and ship it to you. We have not included express shipping options due to this wait time. When an item indicates 'Sold Out', it means that we currently do not have that thread count on hand to dye for you. The inventory will be updated regularly as product arrives.

    *Due to our new color launch, all orders placed on or after February 1st will have an estimated 4-5 week order to ship window.

  • Fabric Details

    The photos we take of each color may not look the same on your screen as they do on ours. Light variations in your stitching space may influence the tone as well. We give a DMC cotton floss approximation when we can. Every piece is hand dyed in small batches using the same process and formula each time, but color may vary slightly from batch to batch. Not all thread counts take dye in the same way so a looser thread count such as 28ct more readily absorbs dye than the more tightly woven 40ct and so may have higher color saturation as a result. We feel this makes each piece more beautiful and unique. If having matching linen for a specific series of charts is important to you, order all the linen you need for those projects at one time and leave a note when you order so that we can do our best to ship from the same batch.